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Thursday, January 21, 2010


 Here is the Bacala recipe that someone requested from me today .

Bacala can be bought with or without bones ( I PREFER NO BONES )

3 days before you want to cook the Bacala you will need to cut it into big chunks  and SOAK it in a huge container covered in cold water for 3 days ( place in the fridge and change water at least 3 times a day ) 

drain the Bacala well .

THERE are many ways to prepare it , Here are a few of my favorites .

1.  You can just boil it for about 5 minutes( when cooked , Bacala can easily flake with a fork )  , drain it and toss it with  some chopped  garlic, parsley, black pepper and olive oil . 

2. Chop an onion and a clove of garlic and fry w/some olive oil , add a few chopped calamate olives , let cook for 1 minute , add a large can of chopped tomato w/puree and black pepper let cook another 5 minutes , add in the Bacala and cook another 10 minutes ( till Bacala flakes easily with a fork ) .  This can be served over a bed of linguine or spaghetti .


MY favorite way

3.   Flour the Bacala, shake excess flour and fry on medium heat for approximately 10 minutes (making sure it cooks through )  Once the Bacala is fried ....slice some hot vinegar peppers(or sweet if you don`t like hot) and fry them in the same fry pan (fry for 5 minutes )  when peppers are cooked , add some vinegar juice from jar that peppers came in ( about 1/4 cup ) and add the Bacala back in the fry pan and toss together and serve . 

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