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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tip for saving time in the kitchen

Once a week I peel a few potatoes ,  cover them with water and place them in the fridge .  As I need them during the week it saves me so much time , I just slice them the way I like and cooking is a breeze. 

  My husband loves potatoes with his breakfast every day , so having them all peeled for me and ready when I need them makes the morning go a whole lot smoother for me .

I just change the water every 3rd day and they keep in the fridge for more than a week with no problem .

got any time saving tips you would like to share ? leave it in the comment section .


  1. My time saving tip for my kitchen is to wash all my fruits when I come home from the store ,I let them all dry and then I put them in the fridge and I do not have to worry that my kids will grab a fruit and eat it without washing it first.

  2. I have done that ever since my oldest was 3 yrs old ! He loved fruit and would always grab one from the fridge and take a bite then he would bring it to me to cut it up for him so I found it less worrysome knowing all the fruit he was biting on was clean .